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Emerging from the shadows of invisibility

A blog + resources for women who received a skewed introduction to life from people who did not know better


About Me

A life-sapping depression disguised as "I have it all together" woke me up one day and sent me knocking on the door to my past. There, I was confronted with a child who knew not of love, of laughter or of self-worth

Magazine Pile

What You'll Find on My Blog

Is anyone else hiding a monster behind their nude makeup look? Does anyone else cry their eyes out before heading out to work? Does everyone feel like this on the therapy chair?

The internet, so rich in info, has precious little from frum Jewish women sharing their struggles with mental health. 

And I want to change that with this blog. 

In addition:

Biased Book Reviews


I read an awful lot, and have skimmed, speed-read, and sometimes even double-read a great deal of healing and psychotherapy books. I'll be sharing my very biased reviews of books I found helpful.

Music Melancholy


I'll be linking the saddest, most mournful selection on the Jewish music scene. Enough with all that cheer, right?

Articles From All Around

Books and Branch

Here, I'll be linking great writing I found from all around the web. Check out the poems!

Meme Fest!

Using a Touch Phone

Because how can we even try to heal without some good cliches packaged in new designs?


This site is dedicated to those who devote their lives and very selves to improving the mental health of others. In their private little spaces, unseen to the public, they change the world, client by client.
Specifically, the therapist I am fortunate to call my own, who with superhuman patience, unparalleled skill and compassion, and both art and heart, leads me down this journey to finding myself  — in the right way this time.

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