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Links That I Love

I sometimes come across articles online that inspire, validate and simply strike a chord, and I'd like to pass those treasures on to you.

An enjoyable (and a little unsettling!) piece about the humble Kleenex tissue, so integral a part of therapy sessions everywhere. You might rethink how you wipe your tears!

Ryan Howes, Ph.D.

This is really a book review of the book Emotional Neglect and the Adult in Therapy by Kathryn Stauffer. However, the article in itself gives a great glimpse at how emotional neglect impacts individuals in a whole different way and requires targeted treatment.

An amusing look at the use of psychobabble in therapy.

Ryan Howes, Ph.D.

Dr. Glennon Doyle

Such a valdiating article to read on a day where you just need to rest and stop and do nothing on this journey toward healing, especially when you doubt it leads to anywhere. Check out this article too.

Carolyn Spring

Painfully stirring, soul-touching piece depicting a therapy session in which a shift in regard to "needs" is seen. If you love this (and the next article), check out the rest of the blog.

Carolyn Spring

Truly beautiful and validating piece exploring trust and how it is the seemingly small, steady actions that build trust and not just platitudes

Great (even funny!) article for people pleasers who want to be perfectly behaved therapy clients, which explains why they should show their true selves.

Ryan Howes, Ph.D.

This article is funny and also honest about how unfair therapy sometimes feel, but it's subtly encouraging to just do it anyway.

Dr. Beverly Pedroche

Poignant poem that puts into words what children of emotional neglect never received.

J. Cori

Michelle Halle

So clearly explains what to expect in therapy, and what to look for in a therapist, specifically for those with a history of emotional neglect. Validating for anyone going through this super painful healing process.

Brilliant poem on what feels like breaking down but is really changing and growing, or like my therapist says, "breaking open."

John Roedel

Hilarious validation for when you feel you're going over the edge as a mom.

Glennon Doyle

John Roedel

A magnificent poem that takes you out of the tangle of thoughts in your brain, makes you step back from the maelstrom in your heart and allows you to live in the moment, one  liberating breath at a time.

Louise Gallagher

Okay, maybe I'm a tiny bit biased because I got this from my therapist, but this is truly poetically beautifully and... well, read it for yourself. I'm not there yet, but at least I know what to strive for.

Comprehensive article exploring the pain of emotional abandonment through the lens of one patient.

Esther Goldstein

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