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At Day's End

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

You’re sleeping so sweetly, and seeing your angelic faces, my heart sinks. I feel like snuggling in right between the two of you who are on either side of my bed and calling it a night.

So I shouldn’t have to taste this regret.

I failed you today.

I let the creative wave that has run amok in my brain take me on its journey, spilling those million waiting thoughts onto paper, living everywhere but right here on earth with you. Facing the computer instead of your sweet little faces.

I let the frustration I felt for your father spill out to you, dear impressionable little souls. A let the anger take control of my heart and expel every last bit of tenderness.

You looked forlorn the few minutes before you drifted off, and I had just about enough time to whisper I’m sorry. I’m feeling so sad now.

And like I wish I can just undo the past few hours.

And be the mother I so badly want to be.

And if anyone reading this feels this way at the end of a day like this, this song is my prayer:

Moussia Mendelsohn- THE GIFT OF TIME {AUDIO VERSION} (Cover Beri Weber Melody)-KOL ISHA- WOMEN ONLY

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