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How Many Masks?

So this is a Purim riddle.

How many masks are there if on Purim, during COVID (actually I think we can -- G-d willing! -- say "post," but let's keep it for this riddle) a depressive needs to join the celebrations?


I don't know either. My brain is too fogged up with Purim anxiety to count.

The point of this post? To tell you that if you are struggling to keep up with (nay! not even an aspiration) to somehow survive this happy, giddy, exciting, overwhelming, anxiety-producing day without entirely breaking into pieces or seeing double or hiding out in bed and sending a dressed-up robot in your stead — you're not alone.

If you dare lift my mask(s!), you're gonna find me, cheering you on.

Wishing you all an easy day.


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