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I actually wrote this exactly a year ago (to the date!) and sent it to my therapist.

But I found it now, and I could have written it all over again today.

So I decided to share it with you.

I’m tired of reflecting Of dissecting Of connecting The scattered and shattered blurred dots Exhausted from prying From crying From trying To untangle the mangled huge knots Have brain fog from thinking From linking From sinking In oceans of emotions and thoughts Am so done with doubting With pouting And touting That it’s based on a chase that’s for naught Am wary of confiding Then hiding And chiding Myself that I delved way too deep Am wrung dry from worrying From hurrying Then scurrying To conceal what I revealed half asleep Can’t think of speaking Then freaking Then tweaking My words so absurd an expression But who am I kidding I’m giddy And pretty Much waiting, anticipating the session

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