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Take me to the ocean

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Take me to the ocean

Where I can face just the emptiness of an endless horizon

Take me to the ocean

A force untouched by human infliction

Take me to the ocean

Because only its fury can match the pounding of my heart

So the ocean roar thrums louder than the chatter in my mind

So I can take in the rhythmic ebbing and flowing of the shore

Take me to the ocean

For only its sun can stroke the tautness of my face

Let it reach into my heart that has grown so icy cold

Let it thaw my body that has grown so tired

Take me to the ocean

So I can nestle the shards of my heart in the grains of sand

Flex my stiff body in its welcoming absorbency

Let the sands of time run through my fingers

Take me to the ocean

Because it’s the only basin that can hold the intensity of my tears

I can let the power of my emotions surf its waves

Yet I can watch a world moving while staying perfectly still

Take me to the ocean

Where it’s just me, the sea and the sky

And the One Who created this all

And there I will sit until this wave of pain recedes.

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Dreamer Forever
Dreamer Forever
Feb 21, 2022

This poem is epic!! You pluck emotions out of me and put them down in such glorious words!😄 Whenever I'm at the beach; I gaze at the waves and always feel that the sheer power of the sea is exactly a match for the intensity of my being. And the beach at night? aaaaaah heaven!

Feb 22, 2022
Replying to


So, please... Take me to the ocean with you.

Will ya?!

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