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You open up a well of need

A void in which deep yearning breeds

Searing pain that makes me choke

As I inhale burning, acrid smoke

A chasm that will not be filled

A longing that cannot be stilled

Just pain and lack a pointed dart

Aimed right at my battered heart

I tell you what is on my mind

“Yes, you’re right.” Your voice is kind

But all that is within your power

Is to give me a fifty-minute hour

The rest, this void, is mine alone

And I lick my wounds here in my home

Anguish, once hidden, is now unfurled

As I ponder my aloneness on this world

Through endless nights I lie awake

As a broken heart again does break

And then wander through cloudy days

In a murky gray of static haze

You say it is my life to live

The things I need, I have to give.

But compassion? There’s a lack thereof

I am in need of someone else’s love

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