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What Would Newton Say?

The person at my elbow is talking about Shavuos.

I do a double take.

Wait. Is Shavuos gonna be, or was it Shavuos already?

Oh, it was. But when? Only a week ago? Yes?

So that means… that it’s summer now. Are we in the middle of the summer? Are the kids still at school, or are they deep in their summer programs? Oh, they’re all in uniform.

I’m embarrassed to admit, but such are my thoughts at random times. Anytime.

I’ve always been a bit confused with the calendar. I blamed my ADHD, I blamed my job that has me always looking at dates around the year.

But recently, I’m learning and seeing my derealization (thank you, Emunah, for clarifying the difference between dissociation and its cousins).

So I’m not really inhabiting this world. I’m never really in the here and now. I’m in an entire little world that is in my brain, work and anxieties propelling me forward like a well-oiled machine without a computer. People tugging me this way and that way. But my feet. Where are they? Not planted on the ground.

They’re hovering over some kind of moondust.

The laws of gravity seem not to apply to me as I float around.

What would Newton say to me? He thought we were all pretty much anchored to the ground — that Earth’s inner core has a magnetic force that keeps us all grounded.

But Newton never studied us floating species, now did he?

Is it time for a new branch of physics?

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Leah Schiffer
Leah Schiffer
Jun 14, 2022

Love this! So relatable. I've always favoured the colour green... Maybe some of us humans are really Martians in disguise...?

Jun 14, 2022
Replying to

I'm finding it really eerie that you, too, favor the color green! Is it a trauma thing? 💚

(I have my seasons, though. Green is huge on my color list, though lately I find myself gravitating to light-blue a lot)

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