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Retail Therapy

Sometimes the swipe of a card is just about the only way to make yourself feel a bit better, right?
I know that. Here are some great items recommended by Unseen.  
(Unseen does not receive any royalties for these, just some little me-to-you recommendations.)


Work Sucks Pens

You'll be feeling so much more satisfaction writing your boring work lists with these pens


Self-Harm Sub

These red-inked pens can be ordered with essential oils that provide a satisfying and harmless sting. Users claim they sometimes do the trick.


Egg Chair Loveseat

On days when you want to hide, there are not too many better places to do so.


Have It Together Tee

Just let the tee do the talking here...


Dammit Doll

Read the instructions to see why this is such a useful little toy to have on hand.


Sticker That Says It

Let's count our blessings, synthetic and otherwise, as we imbibe the jo.


Crisis Kit

A kit to have on hand when nothing seems to help a float or a dark mood. Don't forget to customize with chocolate, some salty snacks or a pair of headphones for music.


Worry Monster

Its maker claims that your worries be gone when this little monster gobbles up papers upon which you write them.


Wreck This Journal

A journal designed to be destroyed, page by page, by poking, ripping, and numerous mediums for releasing all that pent-up energy.


Beach Bag

Seriously the best bag ever. There's a reason we need to visit the beach this often!
(Thanks, Leah Schiffer!)


Madness Cap

British humor shines on this one!
(Thank you, Leah Schiffer!)


Scream Pillow

When you're too worked up to even think coherently, simply follow the instructions and release the pain.
(Thanks, Leah Schiffer!)


Cherry Blossom + Tea Rose

I linked this truly deliciously smelling hand lotion, but the entire Beloved Cherry Blossom collection is worth a try!


Cooling Eye Orbits

Try these to massage tired or tear-swollen eyes from therapy hangovers, or just life.


Mother's Day Card

Hey, because every mother deserves a card on Mother's Day...


Honesty Mug

Doesn't this just say it perfectly?


Bed Socks

The pair to stick out from under your blankets when you just need a day in bed.


Therapy Dough

That perfect essential-oil infused dough to release therapy stress with


Disclaimer Mug

Because the people shouldn't be staying away from us. Erm, maybe they should -- for our sakes!


Hourglass Tea Kit

This will transform your tea-drinking ritual (I hope you have one!) in a mindfulness, relaxing activity


Bath Chill Pills

Bath bombs in the shape of pills for a quality and luxurious soak


Breathe Embroidery Kit

Restless hands? Restless brain? Create something empowering while resting your mind.


Brave Socks

As you look at your feet peeking out of your blanket in bed -- don't forget that you have what it takes


Exfoliating Massage Set

Moisturizing soaps molded as massagers. Can it get any more soothing?


Do Not Disturb Hanger

Need I explain why each of us must have at least one?


Healing Stone

I had this in my cart several times, thinking it would be just the right thing to ground me when I need to hold on to something, but didn't yet buy it. Maybe you'll beat me!


Cool Therapy Sweatshirt

Can you think of a greater sweat in which to mope around on therapy hangover days (when thinking it's cool is the last thing you're doing)?


Self-Therapy Pads

For those 1,000 between-session moments...


Overthinker Mug

Mugs like these just speak for themselves


Heart Pillow

For those days when nothing else can comfort you


Post-Therapy Notes

Who ever said that only therapists take notes? They also have some with pre-session notes too.


Permission Slips

Adulting is hard. And adulting with some extra baggage? Sometimes you just need the permission to opt out.



Because some people need to be told very clearly to give us some space

Capture (1).PNG

Spiky Sensory Rings

Emunah Harrel's awesome recommendation: I bought these fidget rings to utilize in session (!!) and I fell in love with them. You must try. (Melissa's note: I'm on my second order!)


Mood Peg Board

Brilliant mood board with pegs that will hopefully keep some people off your back


Decision Makers

For when we just cannot make up our minds — or just can't be bothered — this is the perfect tool.


Another Mug

Because this one just so hits the spot.

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