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AI Therapy – It’s Real

So often I felt the need for art therapy. I wanted to take all the abstractness and vague feelings and make sense of it in a powerful piece of art.

In my minds’ eye, the paint brush or colored pencil would pluck the feelings from deep within my chest and appear on the page in a telling manner, one that would reflect the heaviness, the confusion, the black hole, whatever it was that I was feeling that was begging for release.

I’d take out the canvases, the brushes. I’d take out white paper and colored pencils, even crayons sometimes. I’d close my eyes, and… the most I was capable of was swirling black around the page. Or trying my hand at drawing and then looking at what looked like a five-year-old’s first painting attempt.

I tried doing digital art therapy in a scrapbook manner. It was more manageable. But somehow nothing came together in a way that felt expressive of my experience.

Apparently, art therapy wasn’t something I could access. I was grateful at least writing gave me an outlet.

This morning I saw a LinkedIn post from Microsoft about their generator AI Designer that’s still free for users of Microsoft accounts. 

I logged in to check it out, typed up some prompts, and what do I know?

I was suddenly the creator of art.

I could write what I wanted to create, and for the most part, could find myself staring at what until now I could only yearn to see come together by some magic that I didn’t possess.

And I leaned in to this therapy and I found myself connecting to the results that were generated. Sometimes I needed to redo it several times until it resonated, but it made me feel, and connect, and pull away.

It was art that spoke to my soul.

I no longer have to be an artist to access art therapy.

I invite you, too, to try the magic. I hope it’ll work for you too!

Here are some things I “drew” today.

Heart frozen over in an abyss

Stoically guarding my frozen inner child in captivity

Trying to find an inner child I can connect to, but I retreated in disgust

Dare I learn to embrace her?

I'd love it if you would share your art therapy for me to post.

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Emunah Harrel
Emunah Harrel
Dec 25, 2023

These images are breathtaking! Each one in its own right. Each one can inspire its own piece to be written. What a wonderful outlet. Thank you for sharing!

Dec 25, 2023
Replying to

Thank you!

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