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Good Sign or Bad Sign?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

If my chest isn’t a war-torn battlefield with gunshots ripping right through my innards in painful blasts, is it good news or bad news?

Has the pain subsided, or am I simply numb?

If my entire week no longer so desperately revolves around this one almost-hour, and my longing has been reduced to mild anxiety, is it a good sign or bad sign?

Have I reached a new milestone in therapy, or am I simply protecting myself?

If I am not feeling that deadweight heaviness crowding up my breathing and eating space, shadowing every action and interaction, is it a good sign or bad sign?

Am I feeling lighter, or am I just out of touch?

If I'm not finding myself gravitating to bed just minutes after my last kid's lids are sweetly shuttered, but instead stay up late chatting and surfing, is it a good sign or bad sign?

Has my depression lifted, or am I too anxious to settle down?

If I can’t produce any intense, emotion-laden writing or pluck the words from deep within my soul, is it a good sign or bad sign?

Am I in a relaxed state of mind, or just too wound up to pinpoint what it is?

If I can’t read more than a section of a book at a time, is it a good sign or bad sign?

Am I done looking for distractions, or is my brain too noisy to handle any more input?

If I can spend hours just in my little corner, is it a good sign or bad sign?

Am I in touch with myself and comfortable with my company, or have I retreated?

If I don’t know if something is a good sign or bad sign, hmm, is that a good sign or bad sign?

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