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O Captain (a spoof)

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

I love using familiar rhythms to make sense of my life. To sing my song in a familiar tune, especially something historical that touched me so I recorded it to memory.

I hope it also makes sense to you!

O captain! My captain!

On a fearful trip I’m on

Learning to weather painful racks

As micro wins are won

An answer near, faint voice I hear

Toward you I’m staring

While I hold on tight to the trembling rail

Of a vessel grim and daring

But O heart, heart, heart

O the bleeding drops of red

For years you were held captive

And passed off as dead

O captain! My captain!

Rise up and hear my call

Rise up, for you I’m working now

For you I feel those trills

For you I write, I think and cry

For you my mind is churning

For you I call, swaying in angst

My face hesitantly turning

Oh captain, dear heart

I stepped out of my head

It is some dream when I wish to feel

You remain but cold and dead

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